Mitrah Gym Management is easy-to-use gym and health club membership management software

Mitrah Gym Management is gym software designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and communicate en mass with the right members at the right time.

Designed to fit clubs of all sizes, this gym software is feature-packed. With a full booking system, point of sale, website integration, billing integration, a mobile app for staff and members, online booking for clients, and 24/7 door access control, Mitrah Gym Management has all you need to more efficiently run your gym.


General Settings

• Admin can manage system setting.

• Set measurement units and header & footer text as per requirements.

• Assign Payment Id and set alert message.

Access Rights

• Restrict access by view, edit and delete

• Restrict or allow complete access to different modules by user role.

• Admin has full rights in the system.

Newsletter Modules

• Mailchimp integration.

• Easy to use mail chimp newsletter system

• Push the email list from Gym system to mail chimp

Message Module

• Admin can send message to all members

• Trainer can send message to staff and member.

• Message delete and notification bubble

Multiple User Role

• System Provides Different User Roles like members, staff members, accountant.

Gym Member Module

• Record the complete details of the GYM subscriber

• Option to import and export member

• Keep track of the member’s physical statics.

Trainer Module

• Add Different gym staff from admin

• Trainer can manage and view members daily workout activity.

• Trainer can create workout schedule for members.

Account Modules

• Manage Income and Expense

• Manage Member Fees.

• Payment Reports.

Customer Onboarding made easy

• Onboarding boost customer retention and customer lifetime value.

Innovative Dashboard

• Quick View of important GYM Modules.

• Intuitive dashboard with all activity plotted on the calendar.

• Different reports for management.

Membership Module

• Admin can define different membership plans.

• Membership Price Management.

• Define Membership period for each plan.

Workout Module Admin

• Trainer can create workout module for members.

• Option to add, sets, reps and weight for each activity.

• Option to add date range for workout.

Workout Module Member

• Member can view the assigned workout • Member can log the daily workout at GYM.

• Trainer can manage and view members daily workout activity.

Anytime Anywhere Access

• Get your gym service online within a few minutes.

• Mobile, Desktop and tablet.

• Work with all browser using and active internet connection

Daily Workout Videos

• Member can complete daily workout at home watching exclusive videos.

• Member can join different online session.

• Admin can upload YouTube video link.

Online Booking with Payment

• Easy to book online classes and pay for it

• Easy to access plans from the customer account.

Activity Module

• Manage activities available in gym.

• Add activities like yoga, aerobics, leg curl and so on.

• Assign activity to each membership plan with gym staff and members.

Class List Module

• Class Management.

• Add member to class to schedule batch

• Member list by class.

Class Booking

• Allow your member to book a class for different activities.

• Predict about class or facility & time slots so that you’re never over booked

Nutrition Module

• Prepare and assign nutrition plan for members.

• Plan validity with date range.

• Manage nutrition for each day for each member.

Event Module

• Event list for the user

• Option to add a new event, edit and delete of event list

• Sort and search option available.

Attendance Module

• Manage staff attendance by selecting date and class.

• Manage member presence

• Take attendance for each batch-group-class

Group Module

• Create and Manage member group.

• Group member as per activity.

• Assign trainer to the group so that you’re never over booked

Payment Module

• Keep track of all payment history

• Payment log is possible

• Option available for offline payment

• Payment list with paid or not paid status

Online Payment

• Accept Membership fees online

• Send membership fees reminder-invoice to member

• Payment history and generate reports.

Invoice Module

• Manage invoice from admin

• Generate invoice for member payments

• Print invoice directly from the system

Subscription History

• System Provides complete Subscription history of a member.

• Subscription list with payment status

• Search and slots option available

Notice Module

• Make important announcement through notice module

• Stick notice to calendar

• Manage all notice from admin panel

Report Module

• Generate report by membership plan

• Generate payment-income report

• Track member availability by date

Product Management

• Product with listing and price quantity

• Option to add, edit,delete product from list

Store Module

• Manage products in the system

• Sell products to member and keep sales records

• Manage product inventory

Expense Module

• Manage all expenses

• Keep record of expenses with data

• Insight into all major expense